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Secure Check Processing

Save time and money with Secure Check! Traditional check processing can be time-consuming and costly, involving manual verification, out of office trips to the bank, and potential delays in funds availability. Secure Check eliminates these inefficiencies, providing you with a faster and more efficient payment solution.

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  1. Enhanced Affordability: Say goodbye to expensive  processing fees and gas for multiple trips to deposit checks in the bank. Secure Check offers a budget-friendly alternative, helping you reduce costs and maximize your revenue.

  2. Minimized Bounced Checks: One of the most frustrating aspects of traditional check processing is dealing with bounced checks. Secure Check significantly reduces the likelihood of bounced checks being deposited by swiftly verifying the availability of funds electronically.

  3. Accelerated Fund Availability: With Secure Check, you can enjoy faster access to your funds. No more waiting for checks to clear or worrying about payment delays. By converting checks into ACH items, Secure Check expedites the availability of funds in your bank account.

  4. Seamless Integration: We understand that your existing systems are important to your business operations. Secure Check seamlessly integrates with your current infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption. Of course, we are also happy to explore more efficient and cost-effective alternatives to the systems you have now. 

Digital Record-Keeping

In addition to its core features, Secure Check offers the invaluable benefit of creating a digital record of all processed checks. Here's why this is a game-changer for your business:

  1. Effortless Record Management: No more sifting through stacks of paper checks or dealing with the risk of misplaced or lost documents. Secure Check automatically generates and stores a digital record of every processed check, making it easy to organize, search, and retrieve the information you need.

  2. Enhanced Financial Control: Having a digital record of processed checks provides you with a comprehensive audit trail. You can track payment details, verify transactions, and ensure accuracy in your financial records. This level of transparency and control strengthens your business's financial integrity.

  3. Streamlined Reconciliation: The digital record of processed checks simplifies your reconciliation process. It enables you to quickly compare the digital records with your bank statements, ensuring accuracy and reducing the time and effort spent on manual reconciliation.

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