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Property Tax Collection & Management Software

Several Property Tax offfices have been using our Secure Tax Office smoothly and successfully for years now. Every feature of our software was built in direct response to the recommendations of staff who were using the previous software on a daily basis. We ensure the smooth operation of tax collection and reporting throughout tax season and tax sales. Our Secure Tax Office software is integrated with online payment portals for citizens, our mail drop service, and our call center, with real-time updates and reporting from each. 


Why Choose
SECURE Tax Office

Secure Tax Office is a feature-rich program that was designed with the user in mind. A Louisiana parish employee with years of experience in property tax management, who was using another program that was commonly used throughout the state, was the driving force behind the creation of this newer and better software, which streamlines operations and record-keeping between mail-in, online, and in-person payments and so much more. Several parish employees raved about having actual time with their families during the Christmas and New Year holidays, which was rare in previous years since the end of the year is also the tax season. Now, with Secure Tax Office, these same employees can leave the office with less stress at reasonable times even during peak tax time, knowing that Interactive Software Solutions is keeping them up and running smoothly. Every aspect of our software and property tax management services were designed with our parish employees in mind.

SECURE Tax Office Features


Secure Cloud-Based Software

No longer need to manually file paper files or back up files to CD Rom or even flash drives. Cloud based software can be filed and accessed quickly and easily.


Dashboard of Daily and Weekly Stats

The user dashboard automatically shows daily and weekly stats for payment processing, files accessed and updated, and methods of payment. All activity per transaction is in one place to create a seamless user experience for your tax office staff and the tax payer.


Quickly and Easily

Import and Export Files

Import tax rolls, updates, and changes with the click of a button. Import mortgage payment files without costly and time consuming mailouts and phone calls.


Secure Payment Processing

Process online, phone, mail-in, and over the counter payments and refunds. Ensure all delinquent notices are paid prior to accepting current taxes. The platform also offers complete refund processing with review workflow, customized reason codes, and printing options.


Ongoing Help

and Client Support

Access a library of frequently asked questions, help topics, and instruction manuals. Submit tickets or connect directly for ongoing training and support. When you adopt our software, you employ our team. 


User Management & User Activity Reports

Quickly access daily and weekly stats by user. Track functions used by user. Track records, tax dollars, and balance drawers with bookkeeping and reference reports. All activity per transaction is in one place to create a seamless user experience for your tax office staff and the tax payer.


Adjust Settings and

Set User Preferences

Update account and password information for users. Admins can limit which functions specific users have access to. Our platform was designed to be easily managed in-house offering extensive user control. Staff can perform admin tasks like resetting their password without the help of the IT Department or Program Developer.



Tax Records

The platform offers enhanced tax record screens to preview information: balance due, print receipt or email, corrected notices, history, attachments, and much more.

It's Time to Get SECURE.

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