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One Web Suite to Manage ALL of Your Business...

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All-in-one Business Suite

  • Enable and use only the features that you want. Whatever your needs are, from Customer Relationship Management to Sales, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Invoicing, Inventory Control, Accounting, and more, Interactive Software Solutions can set up your business management software to meet your unique needs. 

  • No more double entries. Integration between all of the modules allow users to immediately access and work with relevant data across all active modules, without having to enter the same information multiple times in different forms.

  • Upgrade at any time. The upgrades of new versions are integrated by design into the development process. This allows you to upgrade at any time to the newest version without losing any data, additionally allowing you to continuously benefit from the latest features and innovations.

  • Customize and extend your applications. There is a rich library of add-ons that allows Interactive Software Solutions to fully customize your software for your unique business needs. If you need something that is not currently in the add-on library, we can build it for you. As your business grows and/or your business needs change, we can revisit your applications to add on what is right for you at that time.

  • Multi-distribution model (on premise or in the cloud). Secure Total Office can be installed wherever you prefer: as a local application on your desktop or online as a dedicated virtual machine. This means you can use Secure Total Office from anywhere on any device. 

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