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Software Solutions for Municipalities

Municipalities of all sizes must find the right software solution to manage tasks such as billing, payroll, and record-keeping. Your software should be regularly updated to ensure the most current security measures are taken to prevent breaches of information. To ensure you choose the best system for your needs, there are 5 important features to look for that we build in to our software solutions for you.

Property Tax Collection

and Management Software

Sheriffs in 7 Louisiana Parishes have been using our Secure Tax Office smoothly and successfully for years now. Every feature of our software was built in direct response to the recommendations of staff who were using the previous software on a daily basis. We ensure the smooth operation of tax collection and reporting throughout tax season and tax sales. Our Secure Tax Office software is integrated with online payment portals for citizens, our mail drop service, and our call center, with real-time updates and reporting from each. 

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Fines and Fees Collection

and Management Software

Sheriffs and other local law enforcement agencies throughout Louisiana trust Interactive Software Solutions with our premium, secure fines and fees management software. With Secure Collect, you can enter and categorize fines and fees into your software, assign them to specific personnel for approval, and have them automatically integrated into your website for remote online payment. Each record is very easy to access by both your staff with password-protected permission and by your constituents who owe the fines, cutting down massively on time consuming calls and data entry.

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Comprehensive Digital Record Management

With a comprehensive record management software, your municipality can store and easily access all documents related to civic issues. This will save time and money as well as reduce administrative overhead. Digital record-keeping systems streamline standard operating procedures, including document archiving, facilitate quick approvals for officials, and generally maintain accurate records for more efficient operations. As such, it’s important to ensure that your municipality’s data is secure from unauthorized users.

We also make sure the system you choose is easy-to-use with a search feature that allows you to quickly find necessary documents when needed. It’s also important to compare pricing models, license fees, and features like document validation and workflow automation so  that you can make an informed decision that works for your municipality. Investing in the right digital record management software will allow your municipality to maximize its efficiency and ensure accuracy of information maintained by government officials.

Payment Processing and Record Keeping

We provide municipality software solutions that allow for streamlined payment processing and record keeping. Our systems support secure payments in all major currencies and are integrated with  banking portals and accounting services. We can also build tools to track budgets and manage accounts payable, so that you can keep on top of the finances in your municipality. 

Our municipality software solutions also make data sharing and collaboration easy. Our solutions allow department heads to view key metrics in real time, so they know how their departments are performing and make any necessary adjustments. Tools such as reports, analysis tools and dashboards can help you gain full visibility into the finances of your municipality, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly. We make sure that the software is user-friendly, with an intuitive interface so that non-technical staff can use it quickly and accurately.

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Secure Online Applications and Processing Systems

Municipal software should have a secure online permit application and processing system, which will allow you to track permit applications from start to finish. The system should validate all the data entered for the permit application and securely store citizen
data. This feature will save time on manual processing and improve efficiency so that municipal managers can focus on other important tasks. The system should streamline your permitting process and make it easier for citizens to apply for permits online. 
The system should provide the ability to generate reports from permit applications, provide approvals and organize payments.


The software also should be able to support payment plan options, provide a trackable history of applications and be integrated with existing departmental databases for easy data entry. With such features, the software will help you manage your permits quickly and securely, provide faster service to citizens, reduce manual errors and improve overall citizen satisfaction.

Secure Accessibility from Anywhere

For the most effective municipality software solutions, it’s important to provide employees, citizens and other stakeholders with easy access to documents and information. The ability to quickly retrieve data is essential for efficient daily operations and a successful solution should allow users to securely access all the necessary resources from any device. Additionally, having a unified platform will help improve employee satisfaction by streamlining processes as tasks can be completed without needing specialized hardware or having to work in multiple front-end systems. This feature also ensures that all team members have an equal opportunity to collaborate on projects and initiatives in order to optimize efficiency.

An important point to consider with municipality software is its accessibility. It should be intuitive and straightforward so that citizens are able to use it without additional instructions or guidance. A good way to test how accessible the software is is to run extensive usability testing prior to launch, ensuring that it functions as intended on all devices. Additionally, it’s important that the platform has robust security measures in place to protect citizens’ sensitive data. Implementing data encryption, two-factor authentication, and other measures can do just that. This type of data security gives citizens peace of mind knowing their information is kept safe and secure when using municipality software.

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