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Interactive Software Solutions is a business and profit solutions company. We pride ourselves on providing businesses with products and services that save them time and money, with the end result of significant increases in profit. Imagine having a say in exactly what you would like your business software to accomplish, with customized processes and dashboards that help your work smarter and more securely from anywhere. We also increase and/or improve your online presence to make your brand more accessible and appealing to prospects in your target audience. Check out some of our projects below.


Take a few minutes to look around this particular website. Do you like our website design and features? Thanks! We built it ourselves. It is feature-rich with dynamic images, forms, occasional pop-ups to alert of events, newsletter subscription, and links that search engines love. Each image and page is optimized for search engines using competitive keywords, and we can do the same for you. We combine appealing, user-friendly design and strong functionality to ensure you have more than an online business card nobody can find. In this day and age, every business needs an online presence that makes a great impression. We can do that for you!



Secure Tax Office was custom built for the Sheriffs and Tax Offices throughout Louisiana. We addressed deficiencies in account security from parish's previous software and created a more secure, cloud based portal that can be used in office or at home. We eliminated the need for lengthy backups and paper filing and created simple processes for processing tax payments. Simply put, we have the ability to design secure, user-friendly software that will improve the efficiency of your business.

secure tax dashboard.PNG


For the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office, we designed and developed a feature-rich website with many easy links to anything a citizen or staff member may need to access. From property tax payments and fines and fee payments to offender registry and inmate commissary to forms for summer camp programs for youth shooting sports and so much more, this website is a hub for the sheriff's office and members of their community to access everything they need on a regular basis with ease. 



Capital Area Groundwater had not updated the design of their website since the early 2000s, and the navigation was very cumbersome, with multiple clicks to get to one specified location and some broken links. We did a total makeover and improved navigation for their clients, making pertinent links, such as applying for permits and accessing accounts easier to find and navigate to. The new site can be found at or - we included forms, high quality video, and interactive timelines and event notifications to ensure this website would WORK for them.



We also build online payment portals and payment processing gateways for collection of property taxes and collection of fines and fees for municipalities. Our gateways are simple and secure and allow for direct customer access and/or customized employee access to process all types of payments. These gateways run on our Dual Pricing or Surcharge programs and do not increase cost to the business owner or government entity to use. Our gateways can also be integrated with your custom built software.

online payments taxes.PNG


The previous website for this iconic Pensacola-based pub was very outdated and solely informational. We transformed the website to include more dynamic images, integrations with external sites to drive more traffic, and integrations with Facebook feeds so posts would also automatically update the website. Wisteria Tavern has seen a significant increase in clientele since updating their website and Facebook presence and seen a significant increase in profit since using our Dual Pricing credit card processing program.

the wis.PNG

Ready to Build Together?

If you are interested in learning more about what we can do for the online presence of your business, use the Request a Consultation form below. We also always welcome your email at or call (225)308-2800.

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