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Dealership Accurate Sales Tax Verification 

Our cloud-based software delivers the latest sales and use tax calculations to your shopping cart or invoicing system at the point of purchase, while accounting for tax rates for each state, county, and city.

Easy and Accurate

Automation enables each employee to handle tax calculations in-house, without overburdening your finance or IT teams. It's a very simple program that anyone can use to calculate the most current and accurate tax rates by address. Any employee can log in with a unique username and password on any device, type in a complete address from the customer, and have real-time tax information by state, county, and city within seconds.


Improved Remittance Accuracy

Unless your tax estimation on the sales receipt is exact every time, we know that your dealership is losing money. What you overcharge a customer has to be refunded to the company, costing personnel time processing refunds and costing your company supply costs of envelopes, printed checks, and more. What is undercharged is absorbed from the company's profit. In most cases, your dealership loses money on both ends. With STRID by Interactive Software Solutions, you reduce the risk of wasting money by overpaying or underpaying sales taxes, which also protects your business from unnecessary fines and fees. 



Input Addresses
at the point of purchase


Apply Tax Rates
and rules to invoices


Be Audit-Ready
with accurate rates on sales

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