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Fines and Fees Management Software

Secure Collect by Interactive Software Solutions is the most advanced and streamlined fines and fees processing software on the market. Our software eliminates hours of manual input and verification processes every single day. From ticketing with automatic uploads to in person, mail-in, and online payment processing with real-time updates to posting and tracking warrants, Secure Collect automates the entire process, making it easier for you to manage all of your department's fines and fees. And did we mention that our basic version is... FREE? 


Improvements Start at the Time of Ticketing

We have come a long way since the days of writing tickets on duplicate paper, barely being able to recognize the writing, and having office staff manually enter the record into a database. With advances in technology, now police officers can scan license plates, driver's licenses, insurance documents, and inspection stickers onto tablets with a click of a button and then print legible tickets with a couple button clicks. The tickets are clear, easy to understand, and the best part... they are able to automatically upload into the station verification database without manual data entry by office employees. Additionally, with real time uploading, citizens can choose to pay their fines online as early as the day that they are ticketed, if this setting is selected by your department.

Eliminate Backlogs
of Manual Processing

The old way of processing fines and fees should be a thing of the past in your department. You don't have to waste excess paper with digital record keeping. Each team member who is responsible for verification of records can do so with a couple of clicks of a button. Payment processing can immediately go live. No more waiting multiple days for verification of payments. The tickets can be automatically loaded. The fines can be verified with a button click. The live payment option online can be automatically activated. Payment notifications are real-time, and verification of payment is just one more click of a button. You can even outsource your mail-in and call-in processing to our Secure Direct Mail and Secure Call Center departments. Our systems save massive amounts of time and money. And because we appreciate our public service employees and men and women in uniform, our basic software package is free. 

Business Meeting

Cost-Effective Solutions

In partnership with Peacemaker Technologies, we are able to bring you affordable hardware that ties into our software packages. This hardware allows for real-time uploads of ticketing information. Our basic software that allows for the payment processing of fines and fees from initial entry to availability online for payment to department verification of payment to warrant tracking is FREE. Our upcoming advanced fines and fees software ties in your department record-keeping with the record-keeping of other civil departments, such as the DA and Clerk of Court for easy, comprehensive, real-time communication and tracking. We offer all of our products at affordable rates to your department.

Everything you need for Collection and Management of Fines and Fees

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