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Outsource Your  Direct Mail Processing


The safety and security of mail is a critical concern for many businesses. Companies that want to reduce risk and increase efficiency in managing important letters and documents are finding a solution in secure mailbox mail processing services. Discover the convenience, security, and cost savings that come with this secure solution.


Increased Security & Accountability

Secure mail processing through Interactive Software Solutions offers an extra layer of security and accountability. Companies can monitor each piece of mail received with digital tracking, helping to ensure that all documents are secured and delivered on time. In addition, secure mailboxes limit access to documents through authentication credentials, so there is no risk of materials falling into the wrong hands. For payment processing, mailed in checks are converted to ACH for secure authentication and quick availability. Finally, regular backups and a secure audit trail help make sure that any changes or deletions to documents are tracked and recorded.

Advanced Digital Record Storage

Secure mailboxes from Interactive Software Solutions provide advanced digital record storage with an electronic archive. All documents are securely stored and can be easily retrieved at any time, saving businesses time and energy when dealing with large volumes of mail. In addition, the electronic records are tamper-proof, reducing the risk of fraud or tampering by unauthorized parties.


Easy Automated Bill Payment Solutions

Secure mailbox services from Interactive Software Solutions can also act as an automated bill pay system. Once a service is set up, bills can be sent directly to your secure mailbox. You will receive notifications when they have been received, eliminating the need to manually process paperwork or search through records for the payments. Additionally, these services are typically paperless, meaning that no physical copies of the bills need to be kept track of. This reduces clutter in offices and streamlines the payment process for improved efficiency and better organization of financial records.

Streamlined Notification of Mail Deliveries

Secure mailbox services make it easy to stay up to date on the status of your mail. Through their digital interface, customers are notified when mail is sent and received, as well as when payments have gone through. This makes tracking payments easier and more reliable than traditional methods. Additionally, these notifications can be set up to automatically remind customers when payments are due or send other related alerts such as promotional materials from businesses. This saves time and energy from worrying about forgotten bills or deliveries.

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